My current breeding animals are pictured below (in no particular order) with their names and colors. Any pups I've held back to be used in my breeding program will not be pictured until they've reached breeding age. Any adults that are retired are no longer pictured though any links to their individual pages are still active.

Click on any photo to go to a page with that hamster's full name, full genotype, pedigree and more photos. There are a few "camera hams" that have many more photos than others. On the pedigree are the names and sometimes photos of that hamster's ancestors. Some of those ancestors are linked to their own pages as well. Those that are will have their names underlined and borders around their photo. I use Breeder's Assistant for Hamsters by Tenset Technologies for all my record keeping and pedigrees.

If you're not familiar with genetics and genotypes and would like to learn more about it, I strongly recommend you visit The River Road Hamstery, then follow the Syrian Hamster Genetics link on the left. For my genotyping, I have included all the alleles except for Ruby Eyed (RuRu/ruru) and Piebald (SS/ss). If I'm not certain about a particular allele it is designated with a dash ( "-"). Many times the likelihood of some recessive alleles being present is very slim but without having actually test bred to identify if it's there or not, I will not assume anything.

The different lines I'm currently working with are listed and linked on the left. Along with my goals and observations for each particular line, the hamsters currently being used for it are pictured. Several hamsters are used for more than one line. Clicking on any of those photos will also open the second window with more information about that hamster.

Any adults that are currently adoptable are pictured on the available page. If there is a hamster pictured below that you're interested in, please contact me and I will let you know when it will become available for a free adoption. If you're interested in a pup from a certain hamster and you don't see any available, please feel free to contact me to see if any future breedings are planned.

Hamster Lines
Male Syrian Hamsters
Female Syrian Hamsters