All Syrian hamster pups are $20 each.

All dwarf hamster pups are $20 a same sex pair.

All gerbil pups are $25 a same sex pair.

All animals come with a pedigree.

I have been breeding for several years and have had quite a few learning experiences along the way. These experiences have caused me to change the way I place my animals. Please do not take it personally, I am only considering their health and well-being. Please read my Terms and Conditions of Purchase/Adoption.

All animals that are currently available are pictured on this page. If there is one that you're interested in or would like more information on, feel free to contact me. If there is an animal that you like but it is already reserved, you can ask to be notified if it does becoming available. Many times I will reserve several "promising" pups for myself but, in the end, I can't keep them all! Pups pictured will not be available for long and are able to go to their new homes when they are four weeks old for Syrian hamsters, six weeks old for all the other species.

If there is an upcoming litter that you're interested in, please contact me to be put on that litter's waiting list. The waiting list will be on a first come, first serve basis. If you are first on the list you will be given the first opportunity to reserve a pup after I have made my selection. You can also be put on a waiting list if you're looking for a particular color that is not available at the moment.

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Terms and Conditions of Purchase/Adoption

1. Animals can only be selected from the website.

No one will be able to select a pup from a litter in person, nor allowed into the animal room to see any of them. There are several reasons for this with the primary reason being the health of my animals. I had the unfortunate experience in the past when someone selecting a pup unintentionally brought in an illness that ended up getting the majority of my animals sick and a large percentage of them died. I will not put my animals at risk again. Another reason you won't be able to see the animals is that they recognize whenever someone different is in the room. Since I always have mothers with babies, I do not want them to be disturbed or stressed. There are a few other reasons but the two reasons stated are why I have had to make this decision. If this is not the way you want to select an animal, please look elsewhere as there are no exceptions.

2. You must tell me why you want the animal.

This will help me identify if the animal you've selected is the best one for you. If you're looking for a pet, I need to know what you expect from it. This way I'll be able to determine if it will meet those expectations. Some animals are better suited for being held for long periods of time while others aren't. You must also let me know if you intend to show the animal so I can help you select the animal displaying the best confirmation. However, I can not guarantee the animal will place. If you intend to breed the animal, then it will be difficult to get an animal from me. I will only allow animals to be bred by select breeders who have knowledge of the species and that species genetics and have set breeding goals. Even with all of that, I still might not approve. This is too ensure that the quality of my animals and lines are maintained and to discourage casual breeding.

3. You must commit to providing adequate care and housing for the lifetime of the animal.

This means that the animal will be provided with attention, exercise, a quality diet, proper bedding and housing. Just because they're small doesn't mean that they don't require handling, attention and love. The housing and cage must be correct for the species and cleaned on a regular basis. This means that Syrian hamsters must be housed separately while dwarf hamsters and gerbils must be housed in same sex pairs. Cedar shavings are not allowed under any circumstances for any species. The correct kind and size of exercise wheel needs to be provided. The traditional metal bar exercise wheels are harmful without some easy modifications and the 6" exercise wheels included in purchased cage set-ups are too small for gerbils or Syrian hamsters. A solid floored wheel is best and there are several different ones for sale in most pet stores. The animal must also be protected from other household pets at all times and be supervised while being handled by young children. The animal must be provided with items to chew at all times. The animal must also be provided medical attention by a veterinarian experienced with small animals if needed.

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Available Pups
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