I am willing to ship my animals but please be aware that shipping them can be costly as they can only be shipped as live cargo on the airlines. The minimum price to ship live cargo is $175 and goes up from there. There are several other costs associated with shipping as well and those can bring the total up quickly.

For all shipments:

I only ship my animals in Taconic Transit Cages, rodent shipping boxes approved by the International Air Transport Association. Used Taconic Transit Cages can be purchased from Bill Harris of Critters, LTD in New York by e-mail or by phone at (845) 626-8620. As of April 2009, he had been selling the Taconic Transit Cages for $6 each and dividers for $1.50 each. A TTC is 16" wide x 22" long x 7" high. A maximum of 18 hamsters/gerbils can be put into each shipper with the total weight being about 10 pounds. I encourage you to call the airlines to get your own air cargo estimate, I ship out of the Cleveland airport (CLE).

Health certificates are required for all animal shipments, both domestic and international. The cost of the health certificates start at $40 and go up from there depending on the number of animals being shipped. There is an additional $10 charge to cover my time and fuel.

I require three payments to be made prior to the shipment. The first non-refundable payment is for the animals you've selected that I would have placed otherwise. This is due as soon as you've made your selection. The second payment is for the purchase, and shipping, of the Taconic Transit Cage(s) and the cost of the vet visit. This payment is due before I place the order for the shipping containers, usually two weeks prior to the estimated shipping date. Only the cost of the Taconic Transit Cage(s) (not their associated shipping costs) and the vet visit (if I've not already gone to the appointment) are refundable. The last payment is due once the flight reservation is made, usually a week before the scheduled shipping date. This payment is obviously entirely refundable if the animals are never shipped. I only accept payments through Paypal and you will also be responsible for any of Paypal's associated fees.

For all international shipments:

In addition to the costs stated above, international shipments have a few more. In order to export animals from the US, the health certificates need to be approved and signed by the USDA. The cost of the approval is $24 per health certificate (sometimes more than one is needed per shipment) and an additional $54 to have them overnighted to the USDA and back. This cost is due with the second payment and is non-refundable (unless I've not yet sent them in). International shipments take a great deal of planning to make sure that all import requirements for each country are met. You will also be responsible for all costs associated with application fees, clinical testing (required by some countries) and postage. Payment on these is due before I submit anything and is non-refundable once I've made the submittal(s). Lastly, if the amount of time that it takes to put the shipment together becomes excessive, there will be a fair, non-refundable fee for my time.

The last challenge with international shipments is the air transportation as the airlines will not transfer live cargo between one another. This means if there is not an airline with a hub at the Cleveland Airport (CLE) and your airport, then you will need to find an animal transport company to assist with the shipment.

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